Horse Training

We offer training around the year to every breed. My training program is based on COMMUNICATION between you and your horse and positive reinforcement. What could be easier for them to understand than making the right thing EASY for them and the wrong thing difficult. You can't ask your horse for something if you don't know their "language"

  • What we offer: A private paddock with an overhead or stall. YOUR HORSE WILL NEVER BE STUCK IN A STALL FOR WEEKS ON END OR TURNED LOOSE WITH OTHER STRANGE HORSES. Horses are meant for movement, especially while in training.
  • Unlimited free choice timothy/orchard grass hay
  • Water
  • Grain
  • Supplements provided by you fed on your requested schedule at no additional charge
  • 3 days a week professional training with myself and then a 4th session with you the owner every week. I try to keep the owners as involved as much as possible with their horses training and updates. After all, it truly doesn't matter if the horse only responds to me, because it is you the owner that will be enjoying your horse on the rail or down the trail in the future.

While I can train and get your horse ready for every discipline.


  • Good basic horsemanship ground manners to the pushy type or untrained horse,
  • Starting untrained horses under saddle
  • Rehabbing bad behavior on the ground or under saddle
  • Western Dressage
  • Building Trail Safe Bomb Proof Mentality on "scaredy type" horses. I built an entire obstacle course that mimics everything that could come your way on the trails to practice all these maneuvers in a safe environment before testing horses new skills on the trails around our farm.
  • Stallion handling. Preparing the stallion to balance and mount safely and effectively. Teaching and exposing him to breeding techniques to keep them safe and calm while mounting or collecting.
  • Barrel and Pole horses. From day 1 to rehabbing the very soured arena horse.
  • Simple Trick Training.
  • Horse Trailer Troubles
  • Rehabbing Extreme BAD BEHAVIOR under saddle
  • Prices vary upon services and training needs.

Prices start at $675.00 a month for the very basic 3 days a week only program with light riding and all the amenities mentioned above.

Contact me for additional information and we can discuss a program tailored to fit your needs.

Discount pricing available for multiple months of training during a calendar year on a SINGLE horse.

What is required by you the owner when training time comes around? Here's a check list of everything you need to bring with you

  • A list of your goals for that 30 days. We can discuss why your horse is here, troubles you need to address. Reasonable expectations.
  • 2 bales of hay from your home
  • A 50 lb bag of your grain (This is to ensure that your horse has no GI upset while being transitioned over to his training program)
  • A regular flat halter and leadrope
  • Your saddle
  • Your bridle (you would not believe how many bad behaviors from your horse all stem from improper tack fit)
  • A check for training that day
  • Any meds or supplements your horse is on
  • If your horse has not had his feet done, or needs shoes, a separate check for the farrier. We have an excellent farrier that is always available to us and thankfully lives very close

These are a few of the horses I am very proud to say I started from ground zero. I have been fortunate to ride some truly great horses.